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Stress Relief Tips and techniques

by admin June 22, 2017 0 comments

Evaluate your personal relationships

Can I depend on this person? Do I trust them? Do they add or subtract value from my life? Does this relationship make me a better person or just drag me behind?
Stressful relationships are arguably the number one cause of emotional distress that can quickly culminate into stress and even depression. Assess the frequency of your stress Are you stressed because of a particular situation or are you in a permanent state of stress. Stressing because you are in a financial fix currently is different from feeling stressed right
from the moment you wake up to when you eventually go to bed. If stress is a permanent feeling in your life, there is a chance that there is a more severe underlying condition that
you need to deal with. The frequency of your stress will also give you a clearer idea of what is causing it. Reflect with the help of others Sometimes you don’t have a clear and objective perspective of who you are and what’s going on in your life. This is why you need the help of the people who know you are rather

Get moving by adopting a regular exercise regimen

Experts agree that exercise in almost any form can act as an effective stress reliever. By
simply being more active you can substantially boost feel-good endorphins and also act as
a positive distraction from your daily worries. Most people just think exercising is all about
looking good and losing excess weight and have no idea that it can go a long way in
relieving and managing stress.
So how does exercise help in relieving stress?
Pumps up endorphins. Research proves that being physically active helps to substantially bump up the production
of the feel-good neurotransmitters which are referred to as endorphins. This helps improve
your mood.
Exercise is like meditation in motion
You will realize that whether you are jogging, carrying weights or swimming, you tend to
forget all the day’s irritations and focus solely on your body’s movements. A daily exercise
regimen means you will regularly shed all your daily stress and tension through intense
physical activity. Over time, you will realize that focusing on a single task a time results in
energy and optimism that can help you remain clear, calm and focused on every single thing
you do.
Regular exercise boosts self-confidence
Working our regularly keeps your weight in check and leaves feeling and looking good
which is a big confidence booster. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more
your resolve and capability to handle any issues that life throws at you without being
overwhelmed. All these indispensable benefits of exercise will ensure that you have an
increased sense of command over your body and entire life.

Eat right, Adopt a highly nutritious diet coupled with right portions.
The food you eat plays a huge role in helping manage and relieve stress. The diet and
nutrition choices you make can substantially affect stress levels (they can either reduce
stress or elevate it). There are certain foods that offer comfort and help in boosting the
production of hormones that naturally act against the detrimental effects of stress. On the
other hand, other types of foods and beverages enhance the production of hormones that
trigger stress.
There is no shortcut; the only way you can handle stress better and even have a shot at
overcoming the effects of stress is to ensure you are as healthy as possible. The strategies
below specifically focus on nutrition and how you can implement a diet that relieves stress.
Limit the amount of caffeine you consume or avoid it altogether.
Caffeine is a dominant ingredient in tea, coffee and even in some sodas and chocolate.
Caffeine has the effect of making you feel wound up which can, in turn, make stressful
situations seem even more intense. If you already drink too much coffee then start reducing
your intake gradually. This is because discontinuing the consumption of coffee abruptly can
have negative side effects such as rampant headaches and difficulty concentrating.
If you have to drink alcohol then do it in moderation Most people who are stressed tend to rely on alcohol to feel better. This is
counterproductive because alcohol is only a temporary fix that does actually address the
problem in question. If you want to be healthy enough to deal with stress then you have no
option other than limiting alcohol consumption to 2 drinks daily for a man and only a drink a
day if you are a woman.
Mealtimes should be fun and relaxed
When stressed there is a possibility that you will loose appetite and even lack the desire to
eat. Try as much as you can not to skip any meals and avoid eating on the run as it can
lead to indigestion. Skipping meals is detrimental because it will only make stress
symptoms worse. Look at your meal times as a relaxing time when you can relax and
reflect on your day

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