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Different Kinds of Fidget Spinners

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The world now has a new obsession and everyone now is turning to this new obsession. The fidget spinners are taking over the market of hand toys. Both children and adults are yearnings to acquire this new fidget toy. What makes a fidget spin is the ball bearings in the center. The spin can be smooth and long depending on the type of the fidget spinner and the bearings used in the making of it. In fact, the ball bearings in the center of a fidget spinner is known as the heart of the spinner.

If you are a person who loves fidgeting with things, you are very lucky because now there is something that will even make your fidgeting more fun and great. Fidget toys are great for those people with ADHD or those who are hyper. They are known to have several advantages to the user including improving your focus and concentration. Life is getting busier than ever, time to relax from is very minimal, however, this new toy helps you relax even when you are at work. You can take a few minutes while still at work to watch the fidget spinner spin on your finger. These fidget spinners make some whirling sound as they spin which is just so mesmerizing, the mesmerizing feeling is what makes you feel relaxed.

The rate of the popularity of these new toys is really growing at a very fast is even said that these spinners can hardly be stocked in the stores sue to their high demand. Many companies have since sprung up to manufacture the fidget spinners in order to take care of the overwhelming demand. Every company is striving to make its fidget spinner look unique or rather different form the others. A lot of creativity is being involved in making different shapes and sizes and also colors. Others are also coming with various fidget spinner with designs that make them look fancy and just adorable.

In this post, I have prepared different kinds of fidget spinners, designs and other features that are very adorable.

Spin time matters

There are those people who are just enthusiastic about the length of the spin time. However, this may not be the case with everyone. People who care a lot about the length of spin usually go for those fidget spinners with ceramic bearings that are of best quality. These fidget spinners are made of the best metals and can be maintained properly balanced atop the finger for a longer time of spin.

Spin length enthusiastic derive pleasure from watching the spinner spin for a longer time. A longer spin can last for about one minute or even two. Technically the spin in most cases cannot be more than two minutes unless the fidget spinner is made by suing high-end technology.

Cheap and expensive spinners

Cheaper spinners are different from the high-quality spinners in various aspects. Quality matters a lot and there is now the expensive fidget spinners can be the same with the cheap fidget spinners. Remember you get what you pay for and the difference in these spinners can be felt by anyone.

Here are the ways that cheap spinners differ from the expensive spinners.

  1. Longer spinner time

As earlier mentioned there are those people who are just spin enthusiastic. The length of spin to them matters a lot and is very crucial. If you really care more about the spin time then you should go for the high-end spinners. These expensive spinners are created in a fine way that they can spin for a longer time. They are made with various heavier materials which are paired with quality ceramic ball bearings. The cheaper fidget spinners are made with less heavy materials and their spin times is often short.

  1. Quality of spins

High-quality spinners are made so well that they produce very smooth spins. Fidget spinners with ceramic ball bearing often utilize the R188 bearings that are known to produce the smoothest spins. Fidget spinners with designs that are well machined are known to make a very smooth spinning. However, this is not the case with the cheaper spinners since these are made with ball bearings that can’t are as good as the R188 ceramic ball bearings. People have different tastes and there are those who find fidget spinners that make smooth spins to be just fascinating.

  1. Durability

Expensive fidget spinners are made of high-quality material, this makes them be very durable and usually last longer than the cheaper spinners. However, fidget spinners need to be taken care of in order to prolong their lasting period. There are those fidget spinners with caps and these are just awesome. The cap protects the ball bearings from dirt on the outside. Those without proper caps can allow dirt to get into the bearings making them gritty. When ball bearings become gritty, the spin becomes irritating and just last for a while.

  1. Fidget spinners with rare designs

The creativity that is being used in the manufacturing of fidget spinners is just great. Fidget spinners with cool designs are more unique and attractive. You will even find fidget spinners with spikes that very awesome. Others will even challenge your idea of how a fidget spinner is supposed to look like.

Some of the fidget spinners with cool designs

Fidget spinners can be highly customized and they are made with a unique designs. There are a lot of designs that are being incorporated in the making of these spinners. You can even across fidget spinners with light. The glowing of light as they spin makes the whole thing, even more, fun and relaxing. This would be great for children due to their love for such things that induce excitement easily.

  • Fidget spinners with speakers

Probably this has made you change your idea about the fidget spinners. It’s very possible that fidget spinner can be made with speakers. They are being made with Bluetooth speakers and they are just great. Also, they have a switch and a USB charging design. There also those fidget spinners with light and can and also the Bluetooth speakers. This kind of a fidget spinner is known as a multipurpose fidget spinner. They are very portable and are great for relieving the effects of stress and for people with ADHD. Interestingly, these fidget spinners can make a perfect combination during a birthday party due to its ability to produce light and sound. If you are a fan of more fancy things and still like fidgeting fidget spinners with speakers and light would be the perfect choice for you.


You can find the some fancy fidget spinners with LED light here . These are fidget spinners with fast free shipping.

  • Fidget spinners with spikes

It is very possible that fidget spinners can be made with spikes. The tri-spike fidget spinner is more common and makes a fine spin. These spikes are made with cool designs and as they just enhance the quality of the spin. Fidget spinners with blades look almost like the fidget spinners with spikes.

You can order the Yin Yang Fidget Spinner that looks very cool


  • Fidget spinners with marble

These fidget spinners show how creativity is being used in the making if the fidget spinners. Marbles can used in various areas and now even in the fidget spinners. This are ideal for children, it would let them zone out a little bit. This would encourage their focus and concentration. If you are looking for the best fidget spinner for your kid the fidget spinner with marbles would be the best choice.


  • Fidget spinners with zip ties

Some little creativity in the making of fidget spinners is fantastic. There is a lot you can do with the creativity on the fidget spinners some light and small material can be tied around the fidget spinner and the makes the spin look amazing. However, you should go for the high-end ones that still have the perfect balance so that it can spin for a longer time.

There are many kinds of fidget spinners. Some can be two bar spinners that only consist of two bars with a bearing in the center and other bearings on each side of the spinner. The single bar fidget spinner always looks unique and stand out from the rest that is in market.


There are also the tri spinners which are the most common design in the market. They usually have three blades that spin and are made from a variety of material. There are also the wheel fidget spinners, instead of having the common bars they are made with round wheels and they look just like the wagon wheel. This kind of a spinner can be flicked and allowed to roll on a flat surface making the spinning even more dynamic and pleasing.


There are many fidget spinners that re being manufactured, and the brands and quality is different. There are those fidget spinners with cases in which they can be kept in. the market has a lot of amazing spinners that you can choose from according to your budget.

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