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Comprehensive Guide to Fidget Spinners

by admin June 22, 2017 0 comments

Today, life is at a much faster pace and people are getting technically busier than ever as time progresses on. Sometimes many people just lack quality time to relax and take some time off from the job. Everyone needs some relax and some space from this busy world. However this is not possible for everyone. Today, there is an amazing toy called the fidget spinner that can help you relax and give you some little distraction from the busy world.

A fidget spinner is small toy that is usually held on the hand. This toy is usually made with a start-like shape and has three points and in the center there are ball bearings that enable the toy to spin. The fidget spinner stays like a propeller and spins on a person’s finger. Watching this toy spin is what acts like a stress relieving mechanism.

The popularity has greatly grown across the globe and those people with very stressful jobs are choosing to buy these amazing fidget toys. The popularity of these fidget toys is also growing among parents who want their children to focus better at school. Therefore, fidget spinners are not just for adults they can be used by almost everyone.

Anyone with trouble concentrating or focusing, the fidget toy is just awesome for them. These toys are stress relieving and they do these by helping you have control over your situation thus increasing your focus.

Before we get into the comprehensive guide to these fidget spinners, let’s first immerses ourselves into the history of them.

How long will the fidget spinner trend last?

Fidget spinners such as the hand spinners are just like other hand toys, as time passes there is a possibility that people will forget about them. however, the this toy has gained popularity not only in children but also among adults  due to its productive use, therefore it will take a longer time for these fidget spinners to get out of demand.

Where to buy fidget spinners

Fidget spinners were not very popular in the past year, but today according to Google searches they popularity since January has skyrocketed. Retailers are rushing for these spinners in order to meet the high demand. Therefore these toys are very much available on online markets. You can get them from Amazon or at Walmart.

What to look for in fidget spinners

Fidget spinners are just hot this year. Everyone is going for one and kids just can’t stay without one. There are many brands and styles available in the market. These brands are not the same, their quality is different. Quality matters a lot when it comes to choosing a fidget spinner. Sticking to high quality fidget spinners should always be something that you just can’t afford to forego and it is upon you to look for the most reputable companies. However, there are cheaper spinners in the market but you will always get what you pay for.

Here are some of the things that you should know when choosing high-quality fidget spinner.

  1. Smooth and long spin. Everyone wants that spinner that is quiet and has a long spin. Loud spinners can be irritating and thus might not serve the purpose they should. If you really want a smooth, quiet and long spin you should go for that spinner that has small R188 ball bearings.

For those who want some vibrations that can be relaxing should choose those spinners which have large center 608 ball bearings. These are known to produce louder sound.

Guide to fidget spinners

If you are always fidgeting and always losing focus from what you’re doing fidget spinners can just be ideal for you. When feeling nervous about something these great gadget can help your mind relax and relieve stress. Fidget spinners are said to be small hand-toys, they can also be spun on the floor. Due to their size you can carry them wherever you want to go.

If you are looking for the best fidget toys there are some considerations that you need to make.

Why are fidget spinners so popular?

Fidget spinners have become very popular in 2017. Actually, according to some Google reports it is evident that the popularity of these toys is more than the popularity of Donald Trump and that of Kim Kardashian combined. There are various reasons why the popularity of fidget spinners has become so big, people with stressful jobs are rushing for them and actually carrying them to their offices. These toys are the best distractors from smartphones. These spinners also improve the focus and concentration of people and also are termed as an aide for those with ADHD.


Fidget spinners have really become a great business for many people. The popularity of these spinners sprung up at the beginning of this year and the demand for them is just overwhelming. Manufactures are coming up with different shapes and material to make sure that their fidget toys are able to compete well in the market.

Quality is not the same among all these toys, the material and the bearings determines the quality of these fidget toys. These spinners are able to relieve stress and allow you to focus. Parents are acquiring them for their children who probably have ADHD and the autistic people. The spin is so mesmerizing that it allows you to relax. You should always go for high quality spinners for the smoothest spin.

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