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10 fidget spinner tricks that you must try

by admin June 23, 2017 0 comments

If you are pretty familiar with the latest trends Millennials are obsessed with, then you must have come across this toy named “fidget spinner” which, quite literally, seems to be spinning all over the globe. Now the question arises, why are they called so? The reason is pretty simple, really. Fidget spinners were originally invented for people suffering from attention deficit disorder or ADHD and anxiety. In other words, this was meant to calm down people who are restless and fidgety; it was initially supposed to work as a kind of stress buster.

Astonishingly, this toy rapidly caught on and has become the latest fad amidst youngsters and teenagers. Almost every millennial you meet today has tried their hands on the fidget spinner, and the reviews have been positive so far. Of course, the toy does help you concentrate better; but at the same time, this can be quite entertaining. From YouTube videos to tutorials, there have been experts educating millennials about the best tricks that you can try with the fidget spinners.

What is a fidget spinner?

If you haven’t seen a fidget spinner yet, this one’s for you. The toy consists of three blades which surround a kind of bearing located in the center. This bearing is responsible for allowing the spinner to spin at a certain speed continuously without stopping. It is this incessant spinning movement which is said to relieve stress and nervous energy. Also, if you practice on focusing on the spinning, it helps enhance your concentration. You would be surprised to know that fidget spinner were launched into the market almost two decades ago, in the 1990s. However, they have attained significant popularity only recently when it was discovered how entertaining they can actually be.

The best part about these spinners is that they aren’t age specific. Anyone can make use of them – be it kids, college students, teenagers or even adults. Since they have been designed to relieve stress, it can be used by anyone.

Recently, however, these fidget spinners are being used to perform a number of cool tricks. As a matter of fact, people are posting videos of these tricks being performed on social media. In the section below, we provide you with a list of the coolest and most amazing fidget spinner tricks that you can try out once you get your hands on the toy:

  1. The convertible – This has to be the easiest trick ever. All you have to do is spin the spinner and then hold on to it with your thumb on the bearing and your middle finger beneath it. Let the spinner spin for a while and stabilize itself. Once you get a solid grip on it, you let go of the middle and watch while it spins on just the middle finger.
  2. The change up – This is a lot similar to the previous trick. Only, in this case, you would be shifting hands. Once you get a solid grip on one hand, carefully shift the spinner to the other hand by placing your middle finger and thumb in their respective positions. You can keep changing hands to make it all the more fun. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a whole lot easier.
  3. Reverse sonic – In this case, you would have to hold just one blade of the spinner with your thumb and index finger. Next, you would have to fling it into the air and grab it as it comes down. You would have to grab hold of the center with the same two fingers you used before. Now, this is slightly trickier and would require adequate practice.
  4. The Leapfrog – This is pretty tough and you need to be cautious. To start with, use the technique in the convertible. However, in this case, use the index finger for a better grip. Once the spinner has been steadily spinning, fling it into the air. Now, this is where it gets tricky. As the hand spinner comes down, you need to grab and balance it on your middle finger. You can then try it with the rest of the fingers as well.
  5. Single tap – In this case, you would have to get the fidget spinner spinning with two fingers as in the case of the first trick. Once it has settled, you throw it up in the air and then you quickly flip your hands before it lands. By doing so, you can catch the spinner with your hand and repeat it a few times to make it seem much cooler.
  6. Death Punch – This has to be one of the toughest tricks that one can do with a fidget spinner. Before you proceed with this trick, you will need to master the fourth trick mentioned here, the leapfrog. In this case, you would have to repeat the trick in rapid sequence and use all your fingers to hold the spinner. This will not only require utmost care and concentration but also demands a level of expertise with the spinner.
  7. Finger transfer – We have already covered this cool trick where you get to transfer the fidget spinner from one hand to the other. It is slightly trickier when you have to transfer the spinner from one hand to the other. However, don’t worry. When you learn to balance the spinner on one finger, it shouldn’t be too tough to shift the spinner from finger to another.
  8. Hand twist – By now, you must have learned to balance the hand spinner on your index finger. Once you do, carefully bring your wrist downwards in such a manner that it forms a kind of U. Basically, you have to move your wrist around without dropping the spinner, and at the same time, ensuring that the spinner keeps spinning.
  9. Back switch – Now that you are able to shift the spinner from one hand to the other, you should be able to carry out this trick with a little bit of practice. Once you are comfortably spinning the fidget spinner with your dominant hand, you should shift your spinner to the other hand, but this time around, you would be going around your back. That makes it a tad bit difficult because you wouldn’t be able to see the spinner actually. Carrying out this task would require estimation, aim and a whole lot of concentration.
  10. Spinner switch – This has to be one of the coolest tricks to watch. First and foremost, you would need to get your hands on not one, but two of these spinners. Start by spinning both the hand spinners in each hand; once you have a solid grip on both, you would be switching hands. You must be swift yet careful while you make the switch so as to not the drop the toy; also, make sure that the fidget spinners do not stop spinning at any point of time since that defeats the whole purpose.

In the article above, we have provided you with a list of the ten coolest fidget spinner tricks. The tricks here aren’t just for entertainment; they would help enhance your focus and concentration as well. Each of these tricks requires a high degree of awareness and caution that serves the original purpose for which these spinners were invented.

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